homesick: the moon jar

Thu, March 22, 2018

In my new series of moon jars, I explore a sense of home, connectedness, and permanence, which was all challenged last year by a series of personal losses condensed into a short period of time.
"For Homesick, I had my family and friends collect dirt, soil, and rocks from their travelled destinations and I processed it to be added to the glaze. I am creating a permanent representation of the connection with these five people, the lands we live, and a moment in time. "
Homesick is on display in The Craig Case Galleries March 28 - April 29
opens on Wednesday, March 28, at 7pm. Please join us to revel in the light of the moon jar!

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Dalplex Christmas Craft Market

Wed, October 19, 2016

I'm preparing stock for the 2016 Dalhousie Sportsplex Christmas Craft Market.  Along with more than 150 other exhibitors, this show is the best way to help support your local artists and small businesses while getting your holiday gift shopping done.
November 25-27, 2016

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