I am a maker at heart who creates decorative and functional domestic ware as well as ceramic sculpture using primarily Nova Scotia red earthenware clay.  Much of my work has a personal connection vital to what I want to communicate and is strongly influenced by my environmental landscape and significant life events as well as historical ceramics.  I want my work to show evidence of the handmade, to express the comfort and ritual of daily use, and to represent community, sharing, and ritual.

My work is a beautiful example of Nova Scotia Pottery and uses richly saturated colours that contrast elegantly with the iron rich clay body.  Every detail is considered when choosing form, colour, and decoration in order to create a partnership between the user and me.  This partnership is activated upon use and my goal is to have the user to feel the joy I experienced in the making.

My sculptural work is highly influenced by my pre-art school career as a paramedic and emergency medical dispatcher, as well as my own health struggles and events.  I am fascinated by our body’s ability to heal from most injuries or illness and how that healing affects us in our daily lives and contributes to our life story. 

I graduated with a BFA from NSCAD University in 2011 and participated in the Summer Professional Development Residency with the Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design in 2011.  I started Black Crow Pottery in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, in 2012 and have been participating in numerous juried group exhibitions throughout the country as well as many juried craft shows.  Besides my solo graduation show in 2010, I had my premiere solo exhibition at a commercial gallery in 2014.

I am an active juried member of the Nova Scotia Designers Craft Council, an active member of the Nova Scotia Potters Guild as well as the website co-ordinator for the potters guild website. 

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Download a copy of the catalogue from Shaping Space, a Nova Scotia Potters Guild exhibition here>>