NSDCC Designer Craft Show success

Mon, July 21, 2014








My booth at the show.  I was right underneath the clear plastic in a large tent and so I got more light than others, but that meant I also got more heat!

Here is my display booth on the third day with the sun shining beautifully on my pottery.  It made the work glow and really stand out in the tent.

Popular items this summer were the Tree of Life series wine cups, vases of all sizes, and mugs.  Also the rhubarb plates did very well.  People liked hearing about the Nova Scotia clay that I use.  I sold quite a few crow mugs and dream birds as usual.  Then the jars and bottles did well on the very last day.  Overall a success in my eyes.

This is Henry.  He was visiting with his people and I kind of fell in love with him.  He was a rescue dog that was part Wheaton and part something else.  By the size of his paws I would guess something very large!

The weekend had a bit of a sad note to it however.  On Sunday as we were going to pick up my friends truck to bring everything home in, we came upon an injured crow.  It looks like he was hit by a car as his back legs couldn't move.  We picked him up and took him to the emergency animal clinic and he sadly had to be put to sleep as his back was broken.  Well, at least he didn't have to suffer much longer.

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