Pugging reclaim.

Wed, July 30, 2014

Of the 600lbs of beautiful Nova Scotia clay that I pugged today, over 300lbs of it is reclaimed.  This is the clay that is left over when making leaf plates, dried trimmings off the bottom of the pot, or the muddy - sloppy water that I use to throw with. 







Many of my potter friends know that I love to trim.  Here is a photo of my wheel after I have spent a couple of hours trimming.  Many potters work hard to try to finish their pots on the wheel so that they don't have to do any or much trimming.  I seem to do the opposite. 












I love a trimmed foot and many of my pieces have a lot of trimming.  An example of this is the Tree of Life series.  These are 8oz wine cups and each one of them gets a very defined trimmed foot.

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