Rhubarb plates welcoming spring.

Tue, May 21, 2013

Each plate I make uses a leaf from the garden and is made from Nova Scotia clay.  Each leaf can only be used once as it gets a bit flattened when it is pressed into the clay.  The impression it makes however is stunning.  You can see the texture of the veins, the softness of the leaf itself and when I then mold it around different forms it takes on a more natural shape.



















I put little bits of clay on the bottom in order to raise it up off the table.  I like this for a couple of reasons: I like to have the plate lifted off the table in order to lighten it's weight, and I like to be able to glaze the bottom of the leaf so the entire leaf is glazed. 

I will include some images of them once they are done but for right now, this is an image of a plate I made last year from a plantain leaf with some Sushi on it.

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