Hope For Wildlife: Art Festival, I have been busy making, making, making.  It is only during this making fury that I come to understand the true workings of this studio in my house. 

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September in the Studio

Thu, September 27, 2012










So this is my schedule for this month.  I love this dry erase board because I have to change this calender so often!  The biggest lesson I am learning with running this studio is that so many things take longer than I expect.  I originally scheduled glaze mixing for one day.  WRONG.  I mixed 6 different colours of glaze, 40 kg's in total of dry materials and I somehow thought I could measure, sift, add water, sieve, sieve again then add more water and seive again all in one day.  Well, it took me over 4 days and I'm so glad to be done that chore. 

Here are some photos from work this month in the studio.  Various stages of making, decorating and glazing. 






   Mugs ready to be decorated.












   Work in various stages of being worked on.

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