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Wed, October 19, 2016

Lisa and I have been supporting each other, and with the help of friends and family, we are moving through everything and trying to find our new normal.  Part of this new normal includes a decrease in studio production.  This explains my lack of posting to social media and the cancellation of two of my favorite craft shows—the NSDCC summer show in Halifax and the Windfall Fine Art Show in Antigonish.  I have also reduced the stores/galleries that carry my work and art shows I submit work to.  We are choosing to see this as an opportunity to reassess the business, focus on enjoyment with friends and family, and take time to heal—both emotionally and physically.









We took a fantastic trip to Newfoundland this summer spending two weeks exploring the province, visiting Lisa’s family, meeting up with a couple of friends, and experiencing the best two weeks of weather the province has seen in many years.  We drove almost 3700 kms and enjoyed every minute of it.












I then took a week to drive my mom out West.  Another 4300 kms under my feet that included lots of laughs, some dodgy hotel rooms, car troubles, a collision with a black bear, lots of friendly people, and the beautiful landscape of this country.









Now I’m six weeks post surgery, and the healing is going well.  I’m not back to full strength, but it is getting better every day with the help of a great physiotherapist.  I’m getting back into the studio with some changes in how I work as well as some modifications to my equipment. My friend Matt helped modify the foot pedal of my wheel into a hand controller.  It works well, and doesn't slow me down much. 

My friend Krissi helped me pug 350lbs of the beautiful Nova Scotia clay to get my fall production started.  I will have to take more breaks and be mindful of how I work so I do not re-injure myself in any way.  But after the threat of not being able to throw again, I’m grateful to be able to work, even in a modified capacity in clay, which is my passion.

Now I am preparing for the holiday season.  This includes making stock for the Dalhousie Christmas Craft Show on November 25-27 as well as providing work for Made in the Maritimes and a few custom jobs.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our business over the last four years.

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