This work tells a story of personal experience, it marks a moment in time. This story starts years ago with surgery to remove a large tumor in my body. The narrative evolves exploring the fearful discovery of a foreign mass, acknowledging the network of support from family and friends, expressing my vulnerability within the medical system, and finally to honoring the process of healing from this event. I am using ceramics to question the relationship between aesthetics and function and even question the polarity between the beautiful and the grotesque.

Growth Invitation


Tumor Wall

Tumor close up

Tumor close up

Tumor Vase

Tumor Vase close up

Tumor Bowls

Tumor Bowl close up

Tumor Water Carafe

Tumor Water Carafe close up

Tumor Teapots

Tumor Tea set

Tumor Tea set close up

Death of a Tumor

Death of a Tumor close up

Bouquet of Daisies

Tumor cups