The Steel Spirit

Round Hill Studio, 2019


“Okay, tell me exactly what happened”

This is the statement we use at the start of every medical emergency call.  We never know what will come next.....

I have been working as an emergency medical dispatcher for the past 15 years and though it is rewarding, the work can sometimes cause wounds. Over the years I have learned to emotionally distance myself from many of the calls I do in order to protect myself, however sometimes, with some calls, it just hurts.

I feel my most calm, most at peace, and most happy when creating with clay.  It is a good resource to destress from my other work.  My goal is to connect with others through the art I make and to tell my story.  I want to create opportunity for people to feel safe to connect with their own expreiences.

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”