Prior to a trip to Peru in 2009, I was terrified of birds.  All types of birds, in all situations, at all times.  It was an unreasonable and at times debilitating fear.  After the Peru trip the fear disappeared.  I started having good dreams about birds, not flinching when they were near, and actually enjoying them.  The following spring a family of crows nested in our yard.  I began making these little birds and have been making them ever since. 

My hope is that these little beings can live happily elsewhere and bring others peace and joy.

I sculpted the birds and made a mold of them.  This allows me to make multiples of these darling little birds and I glaze them all differently.  I like to layer my custom glazes with each other and with commercial glazes.  This creates new and exciting combinations, and allows me to play with colour. 

This is a sampling of the birds that I make as there is rarely two alike.  They can be found at the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens Gift Shop.