Tree of Life


My version of the tree of life is a symbolic representation of balance.  Like the yin yang symbol, the tree of life represents good and bad, positive and negative, and life and death.  The saturated green glaze reminds me of the invigorating foliage in the spring and contrasts with the red clay body that reminds me of the warm foliage in autumn.  Every now and then, you will find a birdhouse hanging in a tree, or, even more rarely, you will find a bird nestled on a branch.

This pattern began when I made an Urn for my grandfather in 2009, it has evolved a lot over the years into a more refined and organic pattern. 

Each one is unique and created by hand by me.  The most recent evolution has been to carve the tree trunk and slip trail the branches and leaves.  I love the contrast of the black of the leaves, with the brownish colour of the trunk and the green of the background.