Q: Is Black Crow Pottery safe for the microwave?

A: Pottery made with Nova Scotia earthenware is safe for the microwave - it may become hot depending on microwave and length so be cautious. 

Pottery made with the black stoneware is not microwave safe and it is marked on the bottom of the pot.  This clay gets very hot in the microwave and so the manufacturer has recommended to not put it in the microwave. 

Q: Is Black Crow Pottery safe for the dishwasher?

A: Yes.  However sometimes the detergents used can be very strong and may damage the surface.  It is suggested for longevity to hand wash.

Q: Is the Raku Pottery food or water safe?

A: No.  Raku pottery does not get fired hot enough to hold water and some of the glazes used are high in metals and so not considered food safe.  For vases you can insert a plastic or glass container inside to display live flowers, for plates/dishes - you can put wrapped food on top or place a doily down first before placing food.  They are primarily a decorative pottery.

Q: Do you make everything?

A: Yes! I make, glaze, decorate, and fire all of my work.  I mix my Nova Scotia earthenware clay and design and mixed my earthenware glazes.  I often combine my own glazes with commercial glazes for interesting surfaces.

Q: Where do you get your Nova Scotia earthenware clay?

A: I purchase the raw clay from Shaw Brick in Lantz Nova Scotia.  I then mix it with a couple of other clay ingredients to meet my preferences for moisture content and useability.