Collection: Raku Fired Pottery

Raku is a low-fire firing method inspired by traditional Japanese techniques.

Raku pottery is fired in a gas kiln and removed when the glaze is molten, placed in a barrel containing combustible materials and sealed.  This creates an atmosphere in which oxygen is starved and produces beautiful and unpredictable results.

The other technique used is when the outside of the pot is left unglazed and the pot is pulled from the kiln when hot – feathers or horsehair are then laid onto the pot where its impressions are left in carbon. Sometimes called painting with smoke – its results are stunning and unique.

Each piece is created from earth, fire, air (or lack of) and water – never to be duplicated.

Raku pottery is porous and thus not designed for food or liquids. Dust with a clean dry cloth when needed. These objects are decorative pieces of art that are lovely additions to your home.

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